looking for the best possible return. Until he can prove his ability to bounce back from the injury he sustained in the 2017-18 season opener, he'd be risky for any team to take on, especially at his current price. And with the ongoing front office controversies, it could be hard to attract the veteran stars they need to be great.

The Heat could also include a first-round draft pick, but they sort of have their hands tied when it comes to that.

The Celtics are at the end of the road that the Spurs, Sixers, and Cavs all find themselves on. For him, they could give up Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier; plus their 27th overall pick. And with the cap space that they clear, the Celtics could sign some great rotational pieces in free agency.

It's in this that the Sacramento Kings could become a potential landing spot.

When the news came out pertaining to Leonard, most people predicted that three teams make sense for the multiple All-Star to go to.

The proposed trade by Favale would send four current Cavaliers players and their eighth-overall selection in Thursday's National Basketball Association draft to the Spurs for Leonard and guard Patty Mills.

No offseason moves list would be complete without mentioning the Lakers.

Teams considering putting together trade packages in order to acquire Leonard will have to dig deep. Are the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA's model organization for the longest time, beginning to crumble? The Spurs would have to provide more assets along with Kawhi, which perhaps they'd agree to under certain circumstances, but likely not to the degree they'd need to in this case.

While LeBron James and Paul George have been the most talked about superstars, a new name has seriously entered the fray in Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard is rumored to want out and Gregg Popovich is believed to be counting his final years as the team's bench boss. The Lakers would be well on their way to reliving just a touch of their former glory, and the Spurs would be able to bypass a total rebuild and just do a smaller version, which is something the people of San Antonio are hoping for.

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